Drain Basins

Drain Basins

Nyloplast® Drain Basins are used as a collection point typically where two or more drain lines converge. Basins can provide a transition between different sizes and types of pipe, and can also change the elevation or direction of the pipe. Drain Basins are also beneficial when faced with shallow pipe burial applications.

Watertight connection

Structures are shipped with rubber gaskets to insure a watertight connection. This prevents the soil infiltration that plagues precast structures and prevents long-term settlement around the basin.

Flexible resilient connection

The real world can be tough on underground structures. Soils consolidate unevenly and external loads can further complicate matters. Flexible connections allow minor movement to take place without compromising the structural or watertight integrity of the basin. Additionally, the need to wait for grout to set-up is totally eliminated. With Nyloplast, you can connect and backfill immediately.

Quick, easy and inexpensive installation

The product is lightweight and easily handled which translates into faster installation with less equipment and personnel, which results in a lower total cost.

Field Adjustments

Inserta TeeBasins are easily adjustable in the field to meet final grade. Last minute trimming or extensions are easily made to insure proper positive drainage is achieved.

Not sure about final elevations or wondering how to connect unexpected laterals? Our Inserta Tee® option (pictured right) allows field connections while still preserving the Nyloplast benefits of a resilient connection and watertight performance.


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